20 Famous Friends Who Fell In Love

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Amal Amaluddin & George Clooney

Friends-First Celeb Couples

Phil Lewis/WENN.com

It’s bizarre to think of anyone meeting George Clooney and putting him in the (fictitious) Friend Zone, but that’s basically what George told The Hollywood Reporter about his meet-cute with future wife Amal Amaluddin. George thought Amal was beautiful, funny, and smart, and he said she probably thought he was old. George Clooney being self-deprecating? The future spouses met at Lake Cuomo in 2013 while Amal was on her way to Cannes, and they literally began a meme-based friendship, which is the most Gen-Z thing we’ve ever heard despite them definitely not being Gen-Z’rs. Seriously, they would send each other funny pictures, and that’s how the now-Clooneys started talking before realizing they were more than just friends.

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