25 Of The Most Inspiring Celebrity Coming Out Stories

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Natalie Morales

celebrity coming out stories

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Natalie Morales is best known for her role as Lucy on Parks and Recreaction, so it’s only fitting that she came out as queer on Amy Poehler‘s Smart Girls website for Pride Month in June 2017. Natalie prefaces her essay with the fact that she is a very private person, and as such, her coming out is the exact opposite of something she would usually do. She then told the entire story of her sexual awakening, from her first crush to her first encounter with a queer girl in a public high school to her first encounters with homophobia.

“I don’t like labeling myself, or anyone else, but if it’s easier for you to understand me, what I’m saying is that I’m queer. What queer means to me is just simply that I’m not straight,” Natalie ended her essay, emphasizing that things are still bad for LGBTQ teens and the fight for equality isn’t over just because it’s the 21st century. “That’s all. It’s not scary, even though that word used to be really, really scary to me.”

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