A Complete Timeline of Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse’s Relationship

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Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse never *officially* confirmed that they’re dating. Even now that we all know (and they know we know), they’ll still sometimes refer to each other as “friends” in interview. It’s great that they’re friends and in love, but let’s not skip over the “in love” part. Their safely-guarded (but sometimes not-so guarded) privacy teases us enough to NEED to know everything that’s going on with our favorite Riverdale couple (sorry, Camila Mendes and Charles Melton), but always leaves out the actual details we’re craving.

We’ve searched the internet to piece together as much of Sprousehart’s relationship history as we possibly could to put together this comprehensive timeline of their relationship, from the very first week of Riverdale filming until about a week ago. We’ll update more as we learn more about the world’s most infuriatingly adorable couple.

March 20, 2016

By the first week of filming, it was already pretty darn clear that Lili was crushing hard on Cole. While most people in this picture were looking towards Mädchen Amick taking the photograph or Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (AKA the creator of Riverdale) speaking at the end of the table, Lili was looking right at Cole, and she might as well have been the heart-eye emoji. So. Freaking. Cute. This shows that their love started way earlier than any of us might have assumed, even if it was just Lili still in shock from seeing her childhood crush IRL. If you weren’t into one of the Sprouse twins during The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, did you even watch Disney Channel?

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