16 Celebrity Couples Who Give TMI About Their ~Private~ Lives

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You know those celebrity couples who keep their relationships so on the down low that you forget that they’re dating or even married? It’s a big deal if they even reference they’re in a relationship — even if they don’t drop their bae’s name. They’re akin to Taylor Swift with Joe Alwyn. The oversharing celebrity couples featured on this list do not fall into that category. These are the celebrities who aren’t coy about their relationships. You can think of them as Taylor Swift with pretty much every other boyfriend.

Sure, a lot of these celebrity couples haven’t written songs about their significant others, but they aren’t shy about sharing information. In fact, it doesn’t seem like they believe in the idea of leaving some things to the imagination. They seem to think “Why have a bit of mystery when you can spill all the juicy details?” Most of us cannot get enough of any tidbits, but even some of these comments were TMI for us. These are 15 oversharing celebrity couples who might want to consider before they share more personal information.

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