18 Star Couples With The Quickest Celebrity Engagements

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Getting engaged after a mere few months of dating might sound like an insane idea to most people, but it’s quite the trend in Hollywood. From Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s whirlwind romance to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra‘s rush to the altar, it’s almost as if Cupid has been working overtime with celebrities lately. However, these famous pairs are just of few of several who were eager to put a ring on it. And unfortunately, many of them didn’t have the luxury of enjoying their quick-fire engagements without the extra publicity and unwarranted opinions.

While some fans assumed that they were just publicity stunts, others suggested that these relationships were doomed from the beginning. Some have even gone as far as publishing controversial think-pieces about why certain celebrity relationships are supposedly fake. But regardless of all the extra spotlight and drama, a few of these pairs managed to prove the cynics wrong by staying strong for several years. See which famous couples were eager to walk down the aisle.

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