All The Co-Stars CAOS Star Ross Lynch Has *Allegedly* Dated

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When you’re watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you’re probably having a lot of feelings. Everyone is wondering what wild thing is going to happen next. Plus, you’re likely having a lot of thoughts about Harvey Kinkle, aka Ross Lynch, and who the cutie may-or-may-not be dating IRL. His relationships on the Netflix drama are *interesting* (to say the least), so they make us wonder about Ross Lynch’s rumored girlfriends.

He has a tendency to keep his private life private. But, there are occasions where he made his relationships Instagram official. Other times, we were left wondering. Rumors about Ross dating his co-stars go back waaaaaay before Sabrina. Take a look at all of the Ross Lynch rumored girlfriends. We’re crossing our fingers that someday we might earn a spot on the list — and we bet you are, too.

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