All The Co-Stars CAOS Star Ross Lynch Has *Allegedly* Dated

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Courtney Eaton

If you’re a long-time Ross Lynch supporter, you will remember when his ‘gram was filled with images of GF Courtney Eaton. (FYI: The photos are still there if you’re curious.) His other relationships were more on the DL so it was a big deal when the couple went Instagram official in 2015. The pair dated for two years until Ross confirmed the end of the relationship in a W magazine interview indirectly by talking about his “then-girlfriend.” There was talk the pair got back together in December 2017 when they were photographed having lunch, but it didn’t look like anything stuck. The last Instagram Ross posted of the model was uploaded in July 2017. “Shes [sic] 100,” he wrote. “Her hearts even better.”

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