All The Co-Stars CAOS Star Ross Lynch Has *Allegedly* Dated

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Jaz Sinclair

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fans might be disappointed that there is no concrete evidence of a Sabrina-Harvey relationship happening in real life, but they should be happy there seems to be something brewing between Ross and Jaz Sinclair. The CAOS co-stars ignited dating rumors when a Rydel Lynch Instagram Story appeared to feature Jaz and Ross making out aggressively in the background for New Year’s Eve 2019. Then there have been some lovey Instagrams between them. See Ross’s birthday post to Jaz. They haven’t officially confirmed their relationship directly, but the majority of fans seem to think love is in the air and they aren’t denying it. After all, Ross defended his rumored girlfriend after people were hating on her on social media.

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