Complete Timeline Of Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Relationship

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April 2018: Shawn & Camila Prove They’re “Real Friends”

Camila’s song “Real Friends” from her debut album, Camila, is a real downer when you’re away from your ride or dies. Camila made sure the world knew Shawn was one of her A1 Day One real friends in an April 2018 Instagram post entirely dedicated to polaroids of the pair backstage. This was conveniently close to when publications speculated Hailey and Shawn might *actually* not be a couple. It was also the same month that Shawn and Camila had an adorable Twitter exchange where he sang her praises in a Beats1 interview, and Camila responded by saying she was crying in the club because she loves him “SO much.” Girl, same.

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