Complete Timeline Of Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Relationship

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Jake & Brad Publicly Feud

Jake Paul tries to play it off like he’s trolling Brad Sousa because it’s quirky and fun, but it seems like he has a real bone to pick with the cheating *sshole irrelevant Canadian. Their dirty laundry was first aired on May 1 when Jake retweeted a still of Brad’s “i’m sorry..” video apologizing for cheating on Tana with the caption “i’m not,” which was honestly really hot. Are we Jake Paul stans now? Ten days later, Jake posted a video where he told Tana about the DMs he’d been exchanging challenging Brad to a fight during the Cardi B event. Of course, they left the clickbait to the sixteenth minute of this video, but basically, Jake explained that Brad asked him to fight and that he’s very, very down because we hate cheaters. Brad responded five days later telling him to pull up, but we’re not going to link it because we hate monetized cheaters. Brad revealed that Jake had been sending him pictures of Jake and Tana kissing, which is hilarious, and said Jana started hooking up again a day after Brad left, but that last bit might have been an exaggeration. Also, unrelated, but Brad is a horrible vlogger.

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