Complete Timeline Of Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Relationship

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Tana Meets Jake’s Mom

Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul

Instagram/@tanamongeau via Instagram Stories

As far as we know, Tana has still yet to meet Jake’s dad but based on what we heard in Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul documentary, that might be further proof that Jake actually cares about her. Around the time Tana was controlling Jake’s Twitter, Jake brought Mamma Paul to Tana’s house during filming for Tana Turns 21 on MTV to meet his new sorta-girlfriend. Tana called her “mom” right away which is big Future Wife Energy, and Jake’s mom had nothing but nice things to say about his new partner in clout. The video also featured a cute moment where Jake told Tana to “go thrive” and kissed her goodbye before she went off to do important reality TV things, which is basically the definition of being a feminist ally.

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