Complete Timeline Of Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Relationship

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Jake Confirms It’s An “Open Relationship”

In a classic tale of “two steps forward, one step back,” while Jake was endearing himself to a new audience with Tana, he was also starting a collab channel with his brother Logan, who we still haven’t forgiven for that whole suicide forest video thing. No amount of abs can make that fiasco any less disgusting. Hidden in one of their first videos for the channel, “Our First Video: Cody Ko, Tfue vs. Faze, James Charles” (a clickbait title if we’ve ever seen one, props), Logan asks Jake what *exactly* is going on with Tana. After some leading questions, Jake does define it as an “open relationship” at the 5:30 mark, but he also says some super mushy stuff about how he thinks their relationship will never end and how fantastic Tana is. OMG, our hearts.

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