Complete Timeline Of Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Relationship

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The Pauls Have A Memorial Day Shoot

Because our girl Tana is the queen of time management, her video David Dobrik Teaches Me How To Drive (In His TESLA)” from June 14 was actually filmed the same day she had her Paul Family Memorial Day photoshoot. Tana spends the whole video unsuccessfully flirting with David, which is part of the beautiful freedom that comes from an open clout relationship, before leaving for her family time, which she then later left to hang out with Bella (although we aren’t sure if she meant Bella Thorne or her childhood BFF Bella). Tana explains that “just because [she] wants to f*ck Jake doesn’t mean [she doesn’t] want to f*ck David,” which did clear things up a bit. Honestly, same.

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