Complete Timeline Of Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Relationship

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Tana Posts A Snapchat From Jake’s Bed

Team 10 fans are basically FBI agents, no clickbait. Tana posted a Snapchat video from Jake’s bed where only the top corner of his plain brown headboard was visible, and suddenly everyone knew that something was going on between our controversial faves. Tana and Jake have talked about how they reconnected by Jake literally sending a voice memo asking Tana if he could be her rebound, which sounds like an offer none of us could refuse. During an episode of Team 10 Uncut, Jake showed that he was convinced Tana purposefully outed them for clout, which she probably did despite protests to the contrary. The pair decided to play up the situation for clout because they’re basically the same person in different bodies, and a beautiful partnership was born.

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