Complete Timeline Of Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Relationship

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Jake & Tana Confirm Their Clout-lationship

After a few days of speculation, Jake and Tana revealed that they were *something* in a pair of videos, “meet the girl i’ve been hiding from you..” and “Mukbang In Bed With My Rebound Jake Paul.” Before seeing their dynamics, fans weren’t too keen on the idea of a relationship between the pair, but public opinion drastically changed basically the minute these videos were posted in April. When Tana makes Jake Paul into a likable heartthrob >>> heart eyes. The pair essentially insist that they’re friends while joking about how they’re also hooking up non-exclusively, which only makes sense to Gen Z-ers and millennials who are allergic to commitment. Everyone else remains confused, but it seems pretty clear to us.

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