The Tragic Past Of Dove Cameron

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Dove Cameron is winning at life right now. She’s finally started releasing music and her new songs “Bloodshot” and “Waste” are fire (!), she’s in a solid, healthy relationship with boyfriend Thomas Doherty, and the final film in her Disney Channel Original Movie franchise Descendants dropped over the summer to rave reviews from fans.

While Dove seems like a beacon of hope and positivity for her fans, with whom she frequently goofs around with on Twitter, Dove’s professional excellence has been followed by a series of tragedies that have defined her evolution from little kid to full-grown adult.

It all started when she was eight-years-old and her best friend at the time was tragically murdered by the girl’s own father. The singer and actress told Cosmopolitan in early 2019 that her best friend and her best friend’s sister were killed by their father before he took his own life back in 2004.

As a teen in 2011, Dove’s father killed himself which prompted her, whose given name was Chloe Celeste Hosterman, to change her name legally to “Dove,” the nickname her father gave her.

As many of us remember, this year, in 2019, Dove’s good friend and Descendants costar Cameron Boyce unexpectedly died at age 20 from complications related to his epilepsy. This happened just weeks before the final film in their franchise was released on Disney Channel.

Before Cameron Boyce died, in early 2019 Dove told Cosmo, “To lose somebody who is your world, so suddenly, with no goodbye, and then no explanation. No letter, no reconciliation. And then to slowly realize over time that they’re never coming back… I woke up in the middle of the night, like a month ago, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ It’s real. That’s a forever thing.”

After Cameron’s tragic passing, she said, “[P]art of the pain of the incredible grief we are all experiencing after the loss of cameron, is this communal sense of heartbreak over all the good he has done, and all the good he was planning to do. [sic]”

Dove’s learned how to cope with her tragedies and thrive in spite of them. But she does have help — she credits her best friend, who was not in Descendants, with helping her watch the film for the first time.

Speaking to Yahoo!, she said, “In light of recent events and in light of it being the last one, and having no premiere, and things like that, my best friend was like, ‘You know, what we’re doing today? You’re going to put on all of your Descendants merch, we’re going to get out your crown, and we’re going to cry and make brownies.'” The two then watched the movie together before she watched it again with co-star, Booboo Stewart.

Dove’s best friend, Veronica, has been an active part of her rise to fame since the actress was on Liv & Maddie and Veronica expressed her grief on Twitter over the loss of Cameron Boyce, so it’s very possible she’s the friend Dove is referring to for her brownies-and-cry session.

Dove Cameron has experienced unimaginable grief and loss at every stage of her 23-years-long life and hopefully her Bloodshot/Waste era gives her reprieve from the Series Of Unfortunate Events she’s been living through.

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