15 Kardashian Photoshop Fails Exposed By Fans

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Kylie Jenner’s Exaggerated Butt

The Kardashians and Jenners are famous for their assets. And we have seen enough of their posteriors to notice when things look different. Take this Instagram ad of Kylie Jenner hyping up her Supernova jeans. The sizzling shot showed off the Kylie Cosmetics founder’s curves, but it also indicated some Photoshop. How else would you explain the supersized belt loops? Look at the size of them. Fans didn’t buy it was a styling detail, especially when we’re all familiar with high-waisted jeans. Additionally, the pockets seem like they have been stretched (digitally). To prove the theory, fans could have looked on Supernova to find a similar pair of jeans but they likely wouldn’t have found any with these wonky proportions.

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