15 Kardashian Photoshop Fails Exposed By Fans

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Kourtney Kardashian’s Odd Proportions And Nipple Wrist

Here is one of the Kardashian Photoshop fails involving Kourtney Kardashian. The reality star struck this sexy pose to promote her new and secretive Poosh project. People were less curious about the project and more interested by what is going on with this photo. People agreed that the Kardashian sister has a hot body, but the proportions of her figure don’t make sense here. First of all, it looks like her legs are detached. The image has also been clearly Photoshopped to avoid a nipple slip. (Thanks, bubbles.) The most intriguing thing of them all is what is up with the brown spot on her wrist? Many commenters thought that her nipple was removed in the aforementioned discussion then seemingly forgotten about on her wrist. Whoops.

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