20 Female Celebrities Who Wouldn’t Kiss Their Male Co-Stars

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Thandie Newton and Gerard Butler

Female Celebrities Who Wouldn't Kiss Their Male Co-Stars Thandie Newton and Gerard Butler

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Every celebrity has their individual reasons for choosing to kiss someone or not. In the case of Thandie Newton not wanting to kiss Gerard Butler, it was a case of germs. The two were supposed to have a lip lock (and more) session in their 2008 crime-thriller RocknRolla, but on the day of filming the scene the actor had a cold — and Thandie didn’t want to risk catching it. “Gerry was very unwell indeed,” the Westworld actress stated. “So I wouldn’t kiss him. [Director Guy Ritchie] had to improvise. I don’t know how he coped with those problems but it ended up.” The story gets even better because apparently Guy’s then-wife Madonna tried to cure Gerard with vitamin shots she personally injected. It didn’t work.

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