20 Female Celebrities Who Wouldn’t Kiss Their Male Co-Stars

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Helena Bonham Carter and Woody Allen

Female Celebrities Who Wouldn't Kiss Their Male Co-Stars Helena Bonham Carter and Woody Allen

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Woody Allen is another person with a controversial reputation to say the least. So, you could understand some people’s hesitancy to kiss him. When Helena Bonham Carter filmed the Mighty Aphrodite with the director-actor in 1995, she made it clear that it was not an enjoyable experience. She spilled some tea on the toe-curling moment. “In a kissing scene with Woody, he says up front what he does not want,” the actress recalled in an interview. “No exchange of liquid is permitted. Absolutely no tongue encounter. His mouth is a no-go area. And he makes no effort at all. It is like kissing the Berlin Wall.” Ooof.

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