25 Celebrities Who Clapped Back At “Credible Sources”

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Marion Cotillard

Celebrity Tabloid Responses


Couples break up every day for multiple reasons such as growing apart, skyrocketing career ambitions, or unhealthy communication habits, but gotcha journalists always want to pin celeb break-ups on cheating. Marion Cotillard was the unlucky individual who got caught up in the media firestorm surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s seemingly sudden break-up, and the French star took her celebrity tabloid response to Instagram, where she explained that she’s very much in love with her boyfriend of many years, Guillaume Canet, with whom she was expecting a second child. She sent a message of peace and respect to the couple formerly known as Brangelina after her classy clapback to reporters. “To all the media and the haters who are quick to pass judgment, I sincerely wish you a swift recovery.” Ooh, burn.

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