39 Times Actors Refused To Kiss Their Costar On Camera

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Pat Boone refused to kiss Shirley Jones in April Love

20th Century Fox

Pat Boone is another actor who refused a kissing scene on behalf of his S/O. He told Fox, “My first film Bernadine, there were no love scenes in that film,” Boone stated. “Now I go right in for April Love and there are no love scenes in that script either… Our characters fall in love, but there was no kissing in the script. So I never talked to my wife about what happens if I’m asked to do some kissing in these movies I’m starting to make.”

But the director decided to steer away from the script and asked Pat to lean in for a kiss with Shirley Jones during a romantic scene. “I said, ‘Well Henry, this sounds crazy, I know, but I’ve never talked to my wife Shirley about this because kissing in the movies hasn’t come up yet.’” He then went home to discuss it and got his wife’s permission for future films.

Shirley told People a different story, though. “We had this scene on a big Ferris wheel — we’re supposed to have a big kiss — and he wouldn’t do it,” she added. “I said, ‘But you’re an actor.’ He still wouldn’t. The terrible thing was that in his very next film, he kissed the girl.” Yikes!

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