39 Times Actors Refused To Kiss Their Costar On Camera

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Will Smith refused to kiss another man in Six Degrees of Separation


Even before he became known for popular movies like Men in Black and Bad Boys, Will was busy acting in lesser-known independent films like Six Degrees of Separation. In the movie, he played a gay and charming con-artist who fooled people into thinking Sidney Poitier was his dad (the story was inspired by the real-life notorious con-artist, David Hampton). Originally, there was supposed to be a scene where he passionately kisses another man on camera, but Will refused to do it and his director was not happy. The actor reportedly went to Denzel Washington for advice, who encouraged him not to do it. And so instead, the director had to settle with shooting a fake kiss scene from behind.

Will later admitted that he’s not proud of the decision he made. He said that it was “very immature” and that he “wasn’t emotionally stable enough to artistically commit to that aspect of the film.”

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