16 Of Ariana Grande’s Most Badass Clapbacks on Social Media

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Ariana Grande "Saturday Night Live" Nun Sketch


Ariana Grande is a legend. What’s more, she is the champion of gravity-defying ponytails, the definition of small but mighty, and the inspiration behind a bath bomb. Really. She is also the queen of clapbacks. The online world is unfortunately still full of haters but the Sweetener singer is making it better by putting trolls in their places. And she’s taking them out one at a time.

Some celebrities prefer to ignore the haters. That’s not the case with Ariana. If she feels that she, a loved one, or something she believes in is being disrespected, she is going to speak up. We are so here for it. The “Thank U, Next” singer has proven on many occasions that she has no problem defending herself. And she does it all with killer points, positive vibes, and a sharp tongue.

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