All The Artists Who Have Beef With The Grammy Awards

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Corey Taylor

Sliptknot‘s Corey Taylor has got issues with the Grammys and their voting processes, noting that it’s all sorts of messed up. In a podcast with Nerdist, he stated, “Now the ‘Best Metal Performance’ looks just like they threw f*cking darts… ‘Cause I’m looking at it, going, ‘Really?’ … I was stoked that Halestorm won, because I’m really good friends with those guys and I know what kind of work they’ve put into it. I mean, they came from f*cking nothing, and I was really stoked for them. But yeah, at this point, there’s two schools of thought. It’s, like, well, we’re just gonna try and vote for the most obscure Norwegian black metal f*cking band… with illegible font. We’re gonna give it to you tonight. Or it’s, like, well, this is everything that has been played on the radio for the last five minutes. It’s, like, ‘We’re gonna f*cking celebrate you.” He continued, “It doesn’t mean anything. I mean, that’s like trying to hit a f*cking needle with another needle. You have one metal category, you have one basic rock category, and you’ve got bands like Fun winning it. And I’m, like, ‘Really? Show me on the doll where Fun is a rock band.'”

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