All The Artists Who Have Beef With The Grammy Awards

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Back in 2018 when Lorde was nominated for her album, Melodrama for Album of the Year, there was a bit of drama when the singer was offered to perform a Tom Petty tribute instead of one of her Grammy-nominated songs. She refused. She was the only female artist in the category and the only one in the category who didn’t end up taking the stage on Grammy night. Then, after Ken Ehrlich defended the decision not to let Lorde perform her own music he said — basically — there’s only so much time and you’ve gotta decide who’s worth it or not. Lorde tweeted an apparent response to his words (keep in mind, this is the same year the Grammy president told women to “step up” and said, “IF YOU’RE DEBATING WHETHER OR NOT I CAN MURDER A STAGE… COME SEE IT FOR URSELF.” However, she ultimately decided to delete the tweet, perhaps hoping to stay on the Grammys good side for a future win?

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