20 Awkward Times Celebrities Were Caught Lying On Social Media

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Celebrities Caught Lying On Social Media Awkward Lonely Island


You can say what you want about social media, but it does have some great attributes. For one thing, it’s fantastic for helping us gain information on people before dates. Furthermore, it is excellent for getting to know celebrities better. Instead of hearing about celebrities via a carefully worded press release, we can hear (and see selfies of them) directly from the source. But, celebrity Instagram and Twitter posts can sometimes come back to haunt them with celebrities caught lying on social media.

It’s brilliant for celebrities to engage with fans in the virtual world, but they probably sometimes regret it when their comments and/or photos come back to bite them. When things are printed — even virtually — they can be referenced and double checked. And even if a celebrity deletes something, there are likely already thousands of retweets and screen caps so the awkward message will live on. In a lot of cases, trying to justify the situation doesn’t help. Have a look at 19 celebrities caught lying on social media.

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