All The Celebrities Who Unfollowed James Charles Post-Tati Westbrook Video

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James Charles is canceled — at least that’s what a ton of big name celebrities seem to think after beauty guru and James Charles’s former friend Tati Westbrook posted a scathing video accusing the 19-year-old CoverGirl ambassador of a lot of things — including being a crappy friend, showing one side of himself to the public and another side to personal friends, and corroborated rumors that he tries to manipulate his crushes because he’s more attracted to straight guys.

If you want to know more about the tea that Tati spilled in her video, you can read more about it here.

Clearly there are several celebs who heard about the James Charles scandal and are taking Tati’s side and, according to sites like E! News and Newsweek have opted to unfollow the makeup artist on his social media platform. BTW, including these stars and us plebs, the guy’s lost over a million subscribers. That doesn’t look so good.

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