20 Pairs of Actors Who Refuse to Work With One Another

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Call us naive, but there was a time when we genuinely thought that all Hollywood co-stars were like BFFs. Perhaps it was the strong on-screen chemistry or the fact that they always had sunny smiles at their promotional events, but we always assumed that their public demeanor was actually a direct reflection of their relationship behind the scenes. We even daydreamed about hanging with the cast of our favorite films and TV shows for this very reason. So as you can imagine, we were in for a rude awakening when we caught wind of celebrity interviews that revealed the opposite to be true.

While some actors have managed to move past these hurdles, others have been pretty outspoken about clashing with co-stars to the point where they refuse to work with them again. Although quite a few haven’t explicitly stated those words, it was definitely implied when they spoke up about the drama that took place on set. From conflicting personalities to offensive remarks, see what caused such a career-altering rift between two Hollywood stars…

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