20 Celebrities You’ll Be Shocked To Learn Were Scientologists

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Celebrity Scientologists


Scientology has eternally been enshrouded in mysticism and an almost perverse curiosity in what, exactly, its followers believe. Tom Cruise‘s various marriages (and subsequent dramas) haven’t helped the controversial religion’s public profile, nor has reports of abuse in Scientology’s weird naval Sea Org, statements from vocally traumatized critical defectors, or its enduring and dogged recruitment of any celebrity willing to engage with Zorp take an introductory course.

There are more lowkey celebrity Scientologists than you realize, but don’t be too quick to judge these artistic elites who’ve chosen to devote their lives to the church. This reporter (and, purportedly, the United States of America) believes in religious tolerance, as long as its practitioners are tolerant. Christianity has its sh*t, but us Catholics aren’t regularly spat on for believing there’s literal blood in that communion wine (or, you know, being associated with crazy, homophobic midwesterners). We’ll do our best to remain judgment-free unless Scientology’s navy goes from being a weird idea to an actual military operation bent on destroying the world. Then, we’d have some words.

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