20 Heroic Celebrities Who Performed Incredible Good Deeds

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There are lots of celebrities who have played heroes in movies and on TV shows. It sometimes makes people think that the stars are heroes IRL. But, that is a misconception. Playing a hero doesn’t automatically make you one. However, there are some legit hero celebrities — and some of them have never played a superhero.

The celebs might not have spidey sense or the ability to fly, but they are still considered heroes for the inspiring acts and good deeds they performed. To get a bit cheesy, they showed the power of the human heart as well as some impressive life skills. They came to the rescue when someone was in need. And that makes them proper heroes in our eyes. Take a look at 20 hero celebrities that are #goals.

Tom Holland

Hero Celebrities Tom Holland

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Tom Holland is a double celebrity hero. First of all, we know him for playing our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in the latest installment of the superhero franchise beginning with 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Secondly, the actor is a hero because he rescued a fan from being crushed — literally. Coincidence or not, his heroic deed was performed while promoting 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Page Six reported about a fan who shared a Twitter thread about how an overzealous crowd at the event was becoming aggressive and pushing to try to get an autograph. The fan, who goes by @NamelessCass on Twitter, said, “Literally going to have a panic attack.” A video shared by the fan shows Tom threatening to throw the people’s merchandise in the trash if they doesn’t show respect to the overwhelmed female. He responded to @NamelessCass, “I got you.”

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