16 Of James Charles’s Biggest Scandals, Ranked 

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The Morphe palette swatching scandal


At the end of 2018, James announced that he would be collaborating with Morphe to release an eyeshadow palette. He revealed the palette to his YouTube subscribers in a video where he swatched each color. While swatching the black shade in the palette, James appeared to be swatching the shadow over another layer that he applied previously. Fans were quick to spot the second layer and began questioning James’s sincerity on Twitter. James then admitted to pre-swatching for his video, but went on to conduct more authentic swatches via his Instagram Stories.

He said, “Yes, a few shades I layered twice because the first swatch wasn’t good or because I had to re-say my sentence and wasn’t going to continue washing my arm, or that would REALLY mess them up. Not hiding anything.”

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