16 Of James Charles’s Biggest Scandals, Ranked 

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The staining eyeshadow controversy

Instagram / James Charles

Once James released his Morphe palette into the world, a number of reviews started emerging. One in particular was from a Twitter user named @kodeerants who claimed one of James’s shadows stained her eyes pink. She also claimed that her eyes broke out in “hives” from using the shade “skip.”

James responded to the review in a tweet defending himself by saying “most pinks, purples, & reds all stain certain skin types. You accusing me of lying to fans & not caring about people is a ridiculous cry for attention. If you have hives, consult your dermatologist, not me for likes on Twitter.” Ouch. Well, Kodeerants didn’t take that too well, as you can imagine, and responded with this tweet: “Your lack of sympathy for someone who was harmed by a product with your name on it is truly shocking.”

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