16 Of James Charles’s Biggest Scandals, Ranked 

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When feuded with the owner of Makeup Geek

Instagram / Marlena Stell

In September of 2018, the founder of beauty company Makeup Geek, Marlena Stell, announced that she was working on a Netflix documentary about the beauty industry. James responded to her tweet being all like “wait, what?” and then tweeted Netflix directly saying that he wanted to make an unbiased documentary “on the behind the scenes of the beauty industry and why the community is plummeting.” He then continued to post a series of tweets about how he felt “livid” and “defeated.” He and Marlena then tweeted back and forth in a feud that went on for quite a while, with James saying Marlena knew nothing about the beauty industry. It was a TRAINWRECK.
“This woman knows nothing about the industry other than blaming her bad business decisions and personal issues on influencers. @Netflix This is absurd & I’d love to get in a room together to show you the non-bias outline I’ve already made on this subject that documents all sides.”

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