16 Of James Charles’s Biggest Scandals, Ranked¬†

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When YouTuber Gage Gomez accused James of “manipulating” him at Coachella

YouTube / Gage Gomez

You probably know that going to Coachella this year wasn’t a great idea for James for many reasons, one of them being Gage Gomez‘s manipulation allegations. At the end of April, Gage posted a video claiming that James had been “manipulating” him for the last four months. Gage said that James would try to force him to hang out as more than friends, despite Gage claiming that he made it clear he was straight. “James saw this as an opportunity to manipulate me as a person who may or may not have been trying to figure things out about their sexuality, after the fact that I told him I was straight multiple times,” Gage said in the damning YT. James wrote a lengthy statement on Twitter shortly after Gage went public, and the beauty mogul claimed that Gage never told him he was straight and accused him of “looking for an opportunity to spend time with influencers.”

“I would never, have never, and WILL NEVER pressure a guy to do anything.”

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