16 Of James Charles’s Biggest Scandals, Ranked 

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When he was criticized for saying he’s not “fully gay” because he’s been attracted to women and transgender men

Instagram / James Charles

April seemed to be a crappy month all around for James, because he was also accused of offending the trans community just before his MAJOR scandal. At the beginning of the month, James uploaded a YouTube video in which vlogger Jeff Witteck does his makeup. The two decided to discuss the topic of sexuality, and James said: “So the Kinsey Scale is from like, zero to six. Zero being like, completely straight, and six being like, completely gay. I truly believe the amount of people that are a flat-out zero, or flat-out six, is very, very small.” James then says he would put himself on the scale at 5.5, to which Jeff replies, “So you’re not even full gay?” James then says, “I mean, no. There have been girls in the past that I’ve thought have been really, really beautiful. There’s also been like, trans guys in the past too that I was really, really into for a moment in time.” People took his comment as him not considering trans men to be “real men,” and he had to issue a public apology.

“[I]n attempt to explain the very complex concept of sexuality (& mine) in my vid today, I unintentionally implied that my trans brothers & sisters aren[‘t] valid. [T]his is NOT what I was trying to say. [Y]ou are valid in your identity!! I apologize & should’ve chosen my words wiser!”

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