Jed From The Bachelorette’s “Secret Girlfriend” Reveals Texts He Sent Days Before Filming

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ABC/Instagram: @lyricsandlipstick

We are disappointed, but not surprised. Last week, news broke that The Bachelorette fan favorite, Jed Wyatt, might not be in it for the right reasons, and now we have proof! Text messages between Jed and his girlfriend, musician Haley Stevens show that the Bachelorette contestant was telling Haley he loved her just days before he went on the show. This is why you never trust a man with a last name that sounds like a first name! Also, never trust just a Jed!

Here’s the tea: Haley says that she and Jed were dating pretty seriously before he went on the show. Allegedly, he told her that he was only going on the show for the exposure since it was a great opportunity to jump-start his music career. Sure, we assume lots of people have motivations like this when they go on The Bachelorette, and Jed pretty much told Bachelorette Hannah Brown that same thing early on in the show. But, hold on, here’s where this gets shaaadddyy … Jed continued to date his GF Haley while on the show. Like he landed in LA to start filming, called his girlfriend told her he loved her and then just totally ghosted.

In screenshots provided to US Weekly by Haley, texts allegedly from Jed to the country singer read, “I love you! Don’t forget that. Everything is always working out 444.” That text was sent on March 12. The Bachelorette started filming on March 18. Can you believe this dude?

In another screenshot, Haley texts Jed “Just so you know. There are three words I have never said to anyone outside of my immediate family. And I have no doubt in my mind that one of these days You will be the first one to hear them [sic].” Jed “Liar” Wyatt then allegedly texts back “that made me smile. i wanna earn that.[sic]” You sit on a throne of lies, Jed. This poor girl had never said “I love you” before. Have you no compassion, you acoustic guitar playing narcissist?

We hope we get to see Jed ugly cry at least once on national television before this is all over. It’s what he deserves.

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