Kylie Jenner Claps Back To Influencer Amanda Ensing’s Claim She Copied Her… With A Kim K. KWOTE

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Please let the record show that we know how to spell “quote,” we were just doing some alliteration à la the Kardashians. We also did it on this Kardashian personality “Kwiz.” Now that’s out of the way, let’s spill the tea. Kylie Jenner is hitting back at an influencer’s claim that Kylie’s recent photo shoot copied her. The influencer, whose name is Amanda Ensing, posted this photo on June 17:

Kylie Jenner posted the following photo on July 15:

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Amanda saw the shot and commented, “This photo looks awfully familiar,” attached to two sassy emojis. The youngest KarJenner girl wasn’t having it. Taking a quote from big sis Kim Kardashian, she wrote, “from the words of Kim K ur not on my mood board but i did get my inspo off Pinterest [sic].” This is not the first time Kylie’s been called out for stealing someone else’s work/art/aesthetic and passing it off as her own — and it probably won’t be the last.

The fans have also spoken. Lovemypppl commented on Amanda’s post, saying, “You do realize this pose was done for years…. the fact you claim Kylie copies but yet don’t come at yourself for copying a pose that’s been done. Really had to go to Kylie’s post for clout.”

lcam449 said, “Basically called Kylie out for copying this picture but you found it off Pinterest? Your big mad [sic].”

The hate became so fiery that Amanda had to go back on IG and post a couple Stories defending her decision to comment on Kylie’s post. In a text post, she wrote, “The comment on Kylie’s pic wasn’t serious or meant in a rude way. I’ve supported her for years and always shown the makeup Pr she has sent. Ive been flooded with comments and tags yesterday from people seeing the similarities in the photos, which brought it to my attention. [sic]”

She continued, “I’m not going to lie, I was taken back at first with people hyping me up that it was inspired from my post. I never said I created the pose, and I said in my original post I got inspo from Pinterest. I just thought the two photos were very similar and I always try to give credit where it’s due. I never said she copied, just said it looks familiar. Like she said, she got inspired from Pinterest as well so maybe it’s a coincidence. [sic]”

In another post, she wrote, “I’ve made my own mistakes but learn from them. If someone continually shows a pattern, they aren’t learning or growing. The last thing I want is for her or anyone to think I was attacking because that was NOT my intention. At the end of the day, I have no negative feelings towards her and it’s just a photo and we are all here trying to live our best lives. Much love – let’s all continue to support and uplift each other in … each of our journeys toward being more confident and pursuing our own path’s toward self discovery. [sic.]”

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So, what do you think? Shade or no shade?