17 Celebrity Men Who Stood Up To Body Shamers

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Male Celebrity Body Shaming Joseph Gordon Levitt I'm Not Cool With This


It’s an unfortunate fact that body-shaming and fat-shaming happen. The trouble is everywhere from social media to real life, and it is prevalent in Hollywood. When body-shaming is discussed, it is usually in terms of female stars. But, it is by no means exclusive to ladies. There are cases of male celebrity body-shaming and the guys are speaking out about it.

Like a number of female celebrities, these famous dudes are not cool with being shamed for the way they look. They are silencing the critics and adopting body positive stances. And we’re here for all of the BOPO vibes. Have a look at 17 male celebrity body-shaming quotes that reveal men have to deal with intense criticism, too. They show that it’s time to stop all shaming of all people and foster a body positive attitude.

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