16 Celebrities Who Couldn’t Get Along With Nicki Minaj

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DJ Self

If you’re going to go against Nicki Minaj, you better be prepared. It all started innocently enough when Nicki reportedly went on Power 105.1 to talk to DJ Clue about her Queen album. Love & Hip Hop‘s DJ Self has the slot after the American DJ and supposedly tried to talk to Nicki about Cardi B off the air. When she didn’t go along with it, he followed up on the radio asking which female rapper had the best album. Nicki wasn’t going to take it and called him out on social media saying DJ Self was bitter because she “refused to give him a hug or drop.” Things escalated with Nicki warning the DJ she could reveal the rumor the reality TV star allegedly told to her about Cardi. DJ tried to dismiss it saying Nicki had issues with him over his friendships and that he only talked to her when she had things to promote. Nicki wasn’t having any of it.

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