16 Celebrities Who Couldn’t Get Along With Nicki Minaj

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Christina Milian

Celebrities Who Don't Get Along With Nicki Minaj Christian Milian


You might not have thought that “pretty on fleek” would result in drama, but it did. Take a look at what happened with Christina Milian and Nicki. Christina used the viral phrase as part of her clothing line in 2015. Nicki appeared to throw shade on Instagram saying, “Fleek by Onika – I saw Christina sellin tshirts that say Pretty On Fleek. I was waitin on my percentage at the door! *tilts head*” (Nicki insinuated “on fleek” was her phrase after using it in “Feeling Myself.”) Some questions over Twitter and Nicki saying it was a joke prevented things from getting too out of hand. But, it shows the singer-actress became one of the celebrities who don’t get along with Nicki Minaj.

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