14 Things to Know about Prince William’s Alleged Mistress & Kate’s “Rural Rival” Rose Hanbury

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It’s no bed of roses in Kensington Palace at the moment. Picture-perfect Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have found their thorn with rumors that a falling out has occurred between them and a longtime family friend, Rose Hanbury.

Here’s the scoop: Back in March, British tabloids reported that Kate was “phasing out” Rose from her inner country circle due to an alleged affair between Rose and the Duke of Cambridge. The pair have since been dispelling rumors, so much as to consider taking legal action against them, according to the Daily Mail. But the British tabloids aren’t buying it. While the claim is unsubstantiated, many believe the couple is deflecting media attention away from their relationship problems towards Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Nevertheless, we think Rose will be staying in the headlines for some time. Here’s what we know about the alleged mistress.

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