What *Really* Went Down In This Zach Clayton / Bryce Hall / Tana Mongeau YouTuber Feud?

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If you saw that “Bryce” was trending on Twitter and got seriously confused hopping through all the influencers’ Twitters who got involved in this major YouTuber feud, don’t worry about it — we’ve got you covered.

On December 18 at 4:18 PM, a Twitter account called @MESSYMONDAY tweeted a side-by-side image of influencer Zach Clayton that showed his face badly beaten and said a “very reliable source” said Bryce Hall, his so-called BFF, was to blame. Zach also posted a photo of his bruised and bloody mug, saying he “can’t feel [his] face.”

And while some rando claiming a “source” pointed the finger at Bryce doesn’t mean $h*!, it was when Tana Mongeau got involved that stuff really started hitting the fan. Not only did she confirm the rumor, but she called out Bryce by name and asked, “who does this to the kindest person on the planet?”

Bryce saw the tweets and said he’d been getting “death threats,” so he wanted to clear his name (and implied that there were several witnesses, all of whom made some sort of creepy AF silence pact.) He also seriously dissed YouTuber Elijah Daniel, who also backed up Tana in the feud. Side note: he deleted some of these tweets after the fact. Lucky for us, people on the internet always have the receipts.

Tana clapped back and she went innnnnnn on Bryce, leading most of the fans to officially put the 18-year-old Maryland native into the “canceled YouTubers” category.

Naturally, Bryce had to respond…

And then Tana fired again … amongst speculation by fans that this whole fight happened over a girl.

Many fans though were still waiting for Zach to chime in before coming to a conclusion about who was really in the wrong, especially because Tana isn’t *always* the most reliable source. But then she posted a FaceTime screenshot with Zach, which he retweeted.

Side note: After deleting the tweets, Bryce said he was done with the “Twitter fingers.” He apologized in Instagram DMs and then, as anyone who is truly remorseful about their actions would do, signed off on the night with a shirtless mirror pic. Lmfao.

TL;DR: Yes, the fight was over a “female,” Zach didn’t fight back, and Bryce is canceled.

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