Tyler The Creator Responds After Old Sexist Tweets About Selena Gomez Resurface

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Reminder to set your tweets to auto-delete y’all! Tyler, the Creator just confirmed via Instagram Stories that he has been suspended from Twitter after Selena Gomez fans reported him for sexually explicit tweets he wrote about the singer in 2010 and 2011.

The tweets, which were unearthed by Selena Gomez fans this week, are … uh, explicit. They were also tweeted around the time that Selena turned 18. In fact, in one tweet, Tyler celebrates the fact that Selena just turned 18 and is therefore legal. Tyler also tweeted about a number of other young female celebs during the same period, including Victoria Justice, Miley Cyrus, and Dakota Fanning. Super creepy, if you ask us. Selena fans reported the tweets and tried to get #TylerTheCreatorIsOverParty trending on Twitter.

While Selena fans were shocked and upset, Tyler fans pointed out that being a provocateur is part of the rapper’s brand, and seemed to imply that Selena Gomez fans couldn’t take a joke. They also thought that it wasn’t fair to lock Tyler out of his Twitter over tweets that were nearly a decade old. Some Tyler fans highlighted the fact that in the years since the tweets Tyler’s lyrics and tweets have seemed to indicate the fact that the rapper is gay, although Tyler has never confirmed this himself.

On his Instagram Story, Tyler seemed unbothered by the chaos. He did seem to indicate that he has changed though, captioning the screenshot of his suspension with “I was out of my mind.”

Instagram Stories: @feliciathegoat

Let’s just not tweet sexually explicit things about celebrities going forward? Seems like a good rule for not being creepy on the internet.

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