20 YouTube Scandals Everyone Somehow Forgot About

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Jake Paul Said His Kazakhstani Fan Sounded Like A Terrorist

Full disclosure: This is not the worst thing you’ll hear about Jake Paul in this list. His other offenses are so numerous and varied that things like your run-of-the-mill racism can get lost in the scuffle, but here’s a nice reminder that Jake is an *sshole and a racist. He’s a racist *sshole. In his vlog, “Self-Driving Telsa Drive-Thru Prank,” Jake told a Kazakhstani fan that he sounded like he was “just going to blow someone up.” He followed up by saying, “You’re like, ‘Send the nuke!'”

This also came right after he basically got fired from his Disney Channel show and promised to be more mindful of his words. Yup, sounds about right.

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