20 YouTube Scandals Everyone Somehow Forgot About

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Shane Dawson Wore Blackface

Shane Dawson is a thirty-year-old YouTuber who is constantly apologizing for what he has described as his 2014 “shock jock” persona. This included his jokes about having sex with his cat, joking about “ghetto pranks,” and saying the n-word. Why all of these YouTubers at one point or another seem to have thought being a white person that says the n-word was a ~good~ idea is beyond me, but Shane took it one step further by basically performing a minstrel show at VidCon. He apologized for using blackface by saying he wasn’t familiar with its history, which is a pretty half-*ssed excuse TBH. If you hadn’t figured out that blackface is a big no by the time you’re in your mid-twenties, that’s nothing short of willful ignorance.

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