20 YouTube Scandals Everyone Somehow Forgot About

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Tana Mongeau’s Sexy JoJo Siwa Costume

Tana Mongeau is a YouTuber, but she’s better known for two things: never wearing clothing and saying crazy sh*t. Oh, and briefly being in a throuple with Bella Thorne. It’s hard to choose just one Tana scandal to fondly remember. No one has forgotten about TanaCon yet, she still brings up her possibly-fake relationship with Mac Miller, and she has *definitely* used the n-word and probably will again, but the drama surrounding Mongeau Siwa can never be replicated. Tana dressed up as a sexy version of fellow vlogger JoJo Siwa, which would have been mostly fine if JoJo wasn’t literally fifteen. She got called out for the outfit because dressing up as a sexed-up child is high-key gross.

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