20 YouTube Scandals Everyone Somehow Forgot About

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LonelyGirl15 Was A Huge Lie

YouTube Scandals

YouTube/LonelyGirl15 via The AV Club

This drama goes all the way back to the early days of YouTube in 2006, when the fledgling social media site was only sixteen months old. A vlogger named Bree Avery found then-unparalleled fame as lonelygirl15, racking up millions of views on videos chronicling her boring life as a homeschooled high school student in the middle of nowhere. Her videos started to get super creepy, as her parents’ secret occult practices started seeping into the narrative, leading some fans to think lonelygirl15 might be a fake. An October 2006 expos√© by the Los Angeles Times outed Bree as the actress Jessica Lee Rose in one of the earliest YouTube scandals ever.

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