20 YouTube Scandals Everyone Somehow Forgot About

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PewDiePie Used Nazi Imagery In His Videos

YouTube Scandals

YouTube/PewDiePie via The Verge

PewDiePie is trash, okay? Like, some might think he’s pretty cute but he’s also got a history of doing anti-Semitic and racist “pranks,” so we can all go stan someone else now. His 93 million subscribers have either forgotten about his many controversies or just don’t care, but assuming that people are fundamentally good, let’s go with the former. Vox exposed Felix Kjellberg for using Nazi imagery in nine of his videos. Felix has explained this as satire, but for something to be satirical, it has to actually be funny. If you think there’s anything funny about hiring people to hold up a sign that says “Death to all Jews,” bowing over a swastika, or doing the Nazi salute, you can honestly just close this tab RN. Boy, bye.

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