Jenn McAllister Talks The Reality House Behind-the-Scenes and YouTube Scandals

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Jenn McAllister YouTube Scandals Quotes Vidcon

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The Reality House is one of the most impressive things to hit YouTube and Jenn McAllister got to be a part of it. If you’ve been watching, then you know that the now-23-year-old celebrated her birthday in the house and it got hosts Kian Lawley and J.C. Caylen in a bit of trouble. We got to speak to Jenn just days after she filmed The Reality House while we were at Vidcon 2019 and she told us all about what it was *really* like in the house and then spilled the tea on YouTube scandals and how she’s managed to keep herself out of most of them — except some “beef” with Sarah Baska on the show (which we’re pretty sure was just a joke).

“I can’t give like anything away or Kian and J.C. could sue me,” Jenn said when asked about Last YouTuber To Leave The House Wins $25,000. “I had to literally sign an NDA. So it’s intense! But basically, there were — I think it ended up being 13 YouTubers — and we were in this mansion up in the hills and we had to do a bunch of challenges. It’s kinda like MTV’s The Challenge. You remember that? … It’s that kind of vibe and we’re all competing for $25,000, which is like a lot of money!”

She continued, “The shoot really only lasted two days because most people had to come to Vidcon. But we got there and it was immediately just going-going. We got there, filmed that night, went to bed, woke up early in the morning started filming — filmed all day. So it’s just like a ton of content. Yeah, it’s gonna be crazy.”

From what we’ve seen of the first three episodes, it is totally crazy — and it’s only going to get crazier. As teased in the last episode, Jenn and the rest of the contestants might get kicked out of the house after things got a little too ~rowdy~ while celebrating Jenn’s 23rd. “[We were] pretty close to getting kicked out. Like, the guy showed up who owned the property… but they came to the house and there was a pretty intense conversation between him and Kian and JC. Again, I can’t give too much away, but yeah, we were just a little noisy that night… it got kind of wild. I think a neighbor ended up complaining and they have a zero-tolerance policy.”

So, how’d JennxPenn snag a spot in the competition to win 25K? She kind of has an ~in~ with the hosts. “Kian and JC, I’ve known since I was like, 12. We go way back. But all the other people in the house, I don’t know too well. So it was interesting because I was basically with a bunch of new friends [celebrating my birthday] because we all became friends, and that was really cool… I wasn’t expecting to do too much to celebrate my birthday because, at this point, I’m 23 and we’re going to stop talking about it now.”

Back during episode three, Jenn and Sarah got into a “fight” over the fact that Jenn took a room all to herself when most of the others had to share a bed while they were in the house. While we don’t think the drama was for real, Jenn’s decision to bunk alone isn’t exactly out of character for her.

“I like being alone — I know for a lot of people, it’s not like that, but I enjoy being alone and doing my own thing,” she said, “Although I guess I’m pretty split 50/50 with like whether I like being alone or being with other people.”

While we could tell that Jenn and Sarah weren’t being legit while they were shouting at one another on The Reality House, some thought that Jenn v. Sarah would be the next big YouTuber feud.

It’s not the first time Jenn’s been in a “fight” that people thought was real. Ricky Dillon, anyone? “You would be so surprised, we thought it was pretty obvious that it was fake; it was satire!” she explained. “We thought there were a lot of clues that would insinuate that it’s fake. I mean our whole goal with making those videos were kind of to make fun of the whole like ‘Scandal Culture’ on YouTube, and how people are so quick to like sit on the internet and, you know, air out all their dirty laundry about a private situation.”

Speaking of staying out of legit YouTube scandals, “I do tend to keep to myself a lot and also like, stick to my tight-knit group of friends. A lot of them I’ve known since I was a kid, so we’re really good friends. I feel lucky that I’m not in any drama, but I don’t know, sometimes scandals feel like [drama is] almost a good thing nowadays… It feels like people have scandals and then gain one hundred thousand subscribers or whatever… Didn’t [James Charles] literally break a record for losing so many subscribers? … I listened to [Tati Westbrook]’s YouTube video like a podcast, essentially because it was so long. I had to stay informed.”

Jenn’s got a lot in the pipeline for her career, but nothing that was ready to be announced when we chatted with her. For now, you can keep watching her YouTube channel and tune into The Reality House on Fridays. For a new 23-year-old, Jenn’s accomplished so much — and it’s still just the beginning. Her secret?

“I so believe in manifestation and that positive energy brings in more positive energy. But I honestly feel like I’ve manifested my whole YouTube career which sounds kind of crazy but I actually remember having the thought when I was like 11 years old … I just thought to myself and I truly believed that people will watch my videos and I will make people watch my videos; it will happen. So here I am and I feel like I manifested that.”

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